Acid reflux or GERD is really a health condition that causes damage to the lining of the esophagus. Acid reflux is developed when the food in the stomach is not digested and broke down correctly by this liquid content (acid) and enzymes. There are many acid reflux natural remedies which you should know, safe food to consume and food to avoid.
Listed below are the secure foods and foods to steer clear of in preventing acid reflux or heartburn and useful for acid reflux natural remedies:

Secure Foods Acid reflux natural remedies:
• Beverage – Mineral water
• Dairies – Fat totally free cream cheese, goat cheese, low-fat soy cheese, fat-free sour cream
• Fruits – Apple- fresh, dried or juice, banana
• Vegetables – Broccoli, carrots, cabbage, peas, green beans, baked potato
• Salads/Sweets – Low-fat salad dressing, fat-free cookies, jelly beans, red licorice, baked potato chips
• Grains – Brown or white rice, multi-grain or white bread, cereal like bran or oatmeal, corn bread, Graham crackers, pretzels, rice cakes
• Meat Products – Skinless chicken breast, extra-lean ground beef, London broil steak, egg whites and substitutes, no fat fish

Foods to Avoid as acid food natural remedies :
• Beverages – Wine, liquor, decaffeinated or normal coffee/tea
• Dairy Products – Regular cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, milk shake
• Fruits – Tomato, lemon
• Juices – Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Grapefruit juice, Lemonade
• Vegetables – Raw onion, french fries, mashed potato
• Salads/Sweets – Creamy salad dressing, oil and vinegar salad dressing, high-fat butter cookies, chocolate, doughnut corn chips, brownies
• Meat Products – Ground beef, chicken nuggets, Buffalo wings, marbled sirloin
• Grains – Spaghetti with sauce, macaroni and cheese

Acid Reflux Natural Remedies:
• Increase the amount of water you drink every day.
• Almonds is an additional great method to eliminate the effects of acid reflux. Chamomile Tea: Provides Soothing Effect.
• Organically grown apples chewed slowly and well can reduce the acid within the stomach, thus eliminating the acid reflux.
• Ginger in nearly any form may be fantastic for reducing acid reflux.
• Apple cider vinegar is an additional of the top acid reflux house remedies. This in turn does the same thing as drinking water, it will dilute the stomach acids and limit the acid reflux symptoms.



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