Do you get heartburn after eating your favorite foods? Does it wake you up at night? You are not alone. People have been suffering with heartburn symptoms for hundreds of years. Throughout that long history, individuals have also been trying to decrease the discomfort and symptoms related to heartburn in Advanced Allergy Treatment Centers of New England.
Lots of people take over-the-counter (OTC) medications for relief of heartburn and do not give it much thought. The OTC choices are Antacids and H2 blockers. OTC – Antacids neutralize the acid within the stomach. They are able to provide fast, short term relief. OTC – H2 blockers decrease the amount of acid the stomach makes. These do not decrease symptoms as rapidly but relieve the symptoms for a longer time than antacids. Both of these OTC medications require continued use and will only treat the symptoms as they appear. If you are taking antacids on a regular basis it might be much more significant and you should consult your doctor in Advanced Allergy Treatment Centers of New England.

According to Advanced Allergy Treatment Centers of New England, some common foods that will improve heartburn symptoms are: Citrus Fruits, Tomato, Garlic and Onions, Beef, Dairy, Grains, Liquor, Beer, Wine, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Spicy Foods, Fatty foods, Desserts.

Other suggestions that may help heartburn symptoms based on Advanced Allergy Treatment Centers of New England:
• Try not to over eat and eat slower.
• Eat smaller meals much more frequently.
• Avoid high fat foods.
• Stay upright for at least 45 minutes following eating.
• Eat at least 2- 3 hours before heading to bed.
• Elevate your bed 6 inches at the head.
At Advanced Allergy Treatment Centers of New England, they can assist to relieve many different digestive symptoms, some of which are commonly associated with heartburn.

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