Various individuals will have different allergy symptoms, depending on what’s causing the allergies and the severity of the allergic reaction. For airborne allergies, signs and symptoms can range from mild itching and sneezing to severe hives and shortness of breath. Nasal congestion, coughing, and watery eyes are common symptoms. Other symptoms, such as anaphylactic shock, are the result of a more severe allergic reaction.

Allergy Signs and Symptoms: An Overview
Airborne allergies consist of seasonal allergies, like hay fever (also known as pollen allergy), and perennial (year-round) allergies to things like dust or pets.

Typical Symptoms

Airborne Allergy symptoms are familiar to lots of people. The most common of airborne allergy symptoms ┬áconsist of: Sneezing, frequently with a runny or clogged nose, Itching eyes, nose, and/or throat, Watery, red eyes, Swelling in the whites of the eyes (conjunctivitis), Cough, Sore throat, Swelling and blueness of the skin below the eyes (“allergic shiners”), “Allergic salute” (persistent upward rubbing of the nose that causes a crease mark on the nose)

Airborne Allergy symptoms are caused by too much immunity. Everyone’s program produces antibodies to fight infection. An allergic person’s program produces an allergy antibody (IgE) in response to allergens. Allergens consist of substances in our environment like pollen proteins. For an allergic individual, an allergy antibody is a fuse that ignites an allergy bomb-allergy cells that release histamine and other natural chemicals that trigger allergic symptoms. Histamine may be released anywhere within the allergy-prone victim’s body. Histamine released within the nose causes sneezing and a runny nose; within the lungs causes bronchial spasms or wheezing-asthma; within the skin causes itching or hives; in the stomach causes nausea. If histamine is released through the body, a life-threatening allergic reaction-anaphylaxis–can be produced causing death with out immediate treatment.

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