Allergen Immunotherapy, also referred to as allergy shots, is really a way of desensitizing the body to ensure that it stops reacting strongly to particular allergens. For people who respond to the treatment, Allergen Immunotherapy can considerably decrease the severity of symptoms and decrease how often the symptoms occur. Allergen Immunotherapy generally are suggested for people with severe allergy symptoms who do not respond to usual medications or have substantial side effects from their medications. Not all allergies may be treated with Allergen Immunotherapy. Before Allergen Immunotherapy can be given, you need to have tests to figure out which allergens are causing your allergic reactions. Most people do not have any poor reactions to Allergen Immunotherapy.

Allergen Immunotherapy

Many turn to Allergen Immunotherapy, also referred to as “immunotherapy,” to relieve the affects inescapable allergens: inhalant allergies (dust mites, cockroaches, animal dander, pollen, mold); insect sting or bite allergies (bees, wasps). Immunotherapy shots have proven highly efficient for stinging insect allergies. These new studies confirmed what allergy specialists have observed for years in their patients: Allergen Immunotherapy function exceptionally nicely in relieving allergy symptoms! Actually Allergen Immunotherapy are the ONLY method to suppress the underlying allergy response for long-term allergy relief.

How Do Allergen Immunotherapy Function?
Allergen Immunotherapy improve your body’s tolerance to harmful allergens. When you have any questions or concerns about Allergen Immunotherapy, please Contact a South West Washington Allergy specialist.
Who are the very best Candidates for Allergen Immunotherapy?

While Allergen Immunotherapy have been confirmed effective against inhalant allergies and stinging insect allergies, they are not used for food allergies.
• If you’ve asthma triggered by allergies.
• If you cannot effectively avoid things that trigger your allergies.
• If you would rather take a series of Allergen Immunotherapy than daily medications.
• Are Allergen Immunotherapy Costly?
Studies have shown that Allergen Immunotherapy are a very cost-effective method to treat allergies.

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