Many medicines are available now for many diseases. Especially for allergy treatment, there are many kinds of allergy treatment depending on the allergy.

Actually, drugs are not the best solution in allergy treatment. This is because drugs only reduce the symptoms of allergy, while the allergy is still happen to the body. So, as long as we do not remove the allergy, the symptoms will always come again. Such as itchy because of allergy on food, cough because of dust, etc.

There are many kinds of treatment in allergy; one of it is alternative allergy treatment. This treatment is effective for them who do not like to consume medicine and other treatment that require doctor and injection. Alternative allergy treatment usually use natural ingredient in treating the patient of allergy. For example: herbal allergy treatment which consists of natural ingredients, homeopathy allergy treatment from India, acupuntur,etc.

Vitamin and mineral can be alternative allergy treatment. Vitamin C is best known for its ability to help with colds, but it is also an effective antihistamine that can give energy to the white blood cells that deal with infections.

Herbal allergy treatment also can be alternative allergy treatment for us. Various herbal supplements have been used in the treatment of allergies and asthma, some showing benefit. Many medications used to treat various medical problems are derived from plants and herbs.

Another allergy treatment is homeopathy. This treatment first has been popular in India. Homeopathy is based on the idea that diseases can be cured by giving the substance that causes the disease back to a person in extremely small amounts. This is a similar to the principle used in immunotherapy, except in much smaller doses that have proven to be beneficial with using allergy shots.

Those are some alternative allergy treatment that can be used instead of usual medical treatment.


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