The most people hate dust allergy arrives from the modest factors and also the most affecting causes. Almost people aware that the main causes of dust allergy are derived from several bacteria and dirt that being trapped in the dark area and other places that very hard to reach.

Even though we use some masker prevention, in some cases dust allergy is still occur, what are the substances that compose dirt? There are plenty factors which become the materials of dust and they are gathered in some variant.

There are some easy ways to avoid the happen of dust allergy especially on sneeze symptoms. You can get it by cleaning up your apartment or house in organize schedule, swap or use vacuum cleaner to eliminate all the dust especially who hidden in dark and narrow location, that’s the favorite place for dust. You have to put the high focus on several places which tends to be the dust accumulation such main room, dining, and the mostly host activity the bedroom. If you are kind of busy on work person who hard to deal with such cleaning schedule then you must not skip these 3 room for cleaning activity at least once a week or two. Give more attention in specific spots at your house such every room corner, door frames and windows which are the easiest place you can find dust on. If you have asthma problems especially on dust, you could get help for maid or you husband/wife to do the dust cleaning.

The medical treatments for dust allergy are separated in several methods. The first is by using Antihistamines, as you know antihistamine is the most available no prescription treatment for almost popular allergy. Use this for allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis. Then you can also use Nasal sprays which has steroids substances and anti inflammatory features for allergic rhinitis. Or get some eyedrops when you feel itchy on your eyes area due to dust disturbing.

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