Coloring your hair is a wonderful way to take years off your appearance. It is a perfect way to hide those white locks of hair. Not only old women, but nowadays many teenagers are also interesting in coloring their hair to looks different. Interesting to try to color your hair? But have you ever think the side effect of coloring your hair? I mean the hair dye allergy, an allergy reaction from hair dye usage, especially for people who have a sensitive scalp. Or maybe you are one of many people who have a problem with a hair dye allergy.

The symptoms of hair dye allergy are different in each person, but the most known symptom is scalp itching. This symptom will be noticed within 24 hours after application of the hair dye.

So, how to treat the hair dye allergy?
Here are some tips for hair dye allergy treatment.

1.      Wash the hair dye.

The first thing that we can do to treat the hair dye allergy is to get rid of the hair dye as early as possible from our hair. Rinse the hair with a shampoo that contains moisturizers. By doing this, we will remove all the applied hair dye. This will definitely help to reduce the discomfort symptoms of hair dye allergy.

2.      Diet

Next step that we can do to treat the hair dye allergy is by choosing the right food to be consumed. Choose foods that contains of vitamins to heal the skin that irritated. Vegetables and fruits can be useful to treat the hair dye allergy.

3.      Natural moisturizers

Moisturizers that can be found in hand body lotion also useful to treat the skin or sensitive scalp. it can be another treatment for hair dye allergy.

4.      Cautions

Read the cautions in the pack of the hair dye before you applied it to your hair. Apply a small amount of the hair dye product on the wrist and behind the ears. These areas have sensitive skin. Apply it for 30minutes then rinse off with water. If your skin is itching and become red don’t use the hair dye product.

The best way to treat the hair dye allergy is by thinking twice before you color your hair. Natural look is better than different look of hair dye but you must pay high cost for the treatment.

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