Herbal is very well known in Indonesia. Most of the people in Indonesia consume herbal as a traditional treatment when they are sick. Although most of the herbals’ taste bitter and sometimes the smells’ not so good, herbal is believed as a natural treatment not only for them who is sick, but also for the beauty of women. In this case, women usually use herbal to make them looks healthier and more beautiful, such as: Curcumae Rhizoma to make them slimmer, Kunyit asam to make them more fresh, etc.

As a matter of fact, there is no bad side in consuming a herbal, as long as the herbal is not being mixed with chemical drugs. But there are some people who are allergy to herbal. Their allergy can be caused of the smells’ of the herbal, the product that is expired, or the herbal that mixed with chemical drugs.

So how to treat people who allergy to herbal? Of course, the first step is by stop consuming the herbal. Next, drink coconut water to make the toxin that contains in the herbal out. Another way in herbal allergy treatment is by see the doctor and check up your blood pressure, and etc. doctor will give you the best medicine to treat your allergy in herbal.

One thing that you should remember in treating herbal allergy, If you are not used to consume a herbal, especially herbal that is sold in vendors, do not ever try to consume it before you know the functions, the ingredients, and of course the date of the expired. If you are aware of that you do not need to worry will allergy with herbal.

The best treatment for herbal allergy is by prevent yourself in consuming dangerous herbal that is mixed with chemical drugs or herbal that is expired.

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