Allergies is such a disease which attack both the immune system and autonomic nervous. When it comes to the option of allergy serums it one of the suitable for you. The serums will impact the immune system to be stronger and able to obstructing antibodies which lose with the allergic, however the serums can also rid the allergy and maintain the time of treatment. When the serums mated with the Allergy Elimination Technique it can relive the autonomic nervous system.

The Allergy testing is applying free biofeedback equipment Electrodermal Screening (EAV) to know the allergens build the single ingredient for the serums. Several allergens which is tested are molds, pollen, dust, smuts, animal dander, phenol, glycerin, and TOE. If the tested pointed on whole allergen then the treatments for chemicals, hormones, and food sensitivities will be managed. The test result will be showed in 3 hours which had been done before several extensive medical and environmental examinations.

After the test recognizes the allergens, the treatment plan should be arrange in order to give the serums. Electrodermal test is done to arrange the compact dilution of the serum. Unique serums are being given in either shots or oral drops with the target of immunological substances of allergies. After the treatment the patience is giving the follow up regarding the progress and development. When the patience is reported adaptable with the serum within approximately 6-12 weeks running, they are permitted to do self treatment at home.

The partner of this serum is such a additional therapy called Allergy Elimination Technique (AET) which calming the autonomic nervous system and decrease the sensitiveness of allergens attack. AET assist to decrease the reaction of hypersensitivity which occurred from the harmful substances to allergen factors like foods and environmental substances. By having the AET combined with Allergy Serums the patience is expected to adapt quickly in the serum advance.

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