The world has already improves in the commonness of asthma and several allergies over hundred years. Having the greatest leap in so many problems occurs from the improved world, it’s been studied that the increase in several illnesses can be the accidental effect of the success of contemporary hygiene in avoiding children disease. A new experiment managed in Vietnam has believed to the perception of parasitic gut worms, such as hookworm, able to help in the aversion and healing of asthma and many allergies.

Gratitude to significant hygiene observes, parasitic worms have been mainly destroyed within human era in developed countries. Moreover, many scientists have faith that, over millions of years of super evolution, worms have discovered ways to moisten down host immune answers to extend their own survival inside human’s body. This association likely to have more interlaced that, without gut worms or other parasites, the human immune system could turn unstable, which ends to causing of the occurrence of asthma and other allergies.

As not less than 80 per cent of human experienced asthma also got allergies to house-dust mites and other natural allergens, extra experiment in this area could support the making of new cures that progress in the equal method as gut parasites, by depressing down or rebuild the immune system thus the human body give no react to allergens and initiate asthma attacks.

Dr Flohr states that the follow up phase is to perceive exactly how and when the human do the gut parasites to the immune system in order to defend against allergic happening, and for such experiments, maintaining from early child will be important.

You have to understand that before you take action into searching of the warm, within the bad, dirt soil condition that hookworms live in, be careful that gut parasites able to raise acute illness and the main factor of iron-deficiency anemia in several countries.


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