There are several allergies which able to occur to the human being, one of them is allergy to food, which become the most popular allergy. One of the food allergies is citrus fruit allergy. Moreover, several victims may get mango allergy which happens because of the skin contact with Mangoes.

As you may know Mango allergy is little bit different from other fruit allergies due to mangoes is categorized as plant that has poison sumac and poison ivy. Mango allergy could rise due to several factors one of them is doing contact with mangoes and mostly ends up in symptoms of contact dermatitis. The symptoms mostly occur in mouth area due to the near contact.

The allergy from mangoes occurs due to the chemical compounds called urshiol that is appears in the fruit skin. Urshiol is also contained in toxin oak leaves which able to impact in rashes from poison ivy. Luckily the percentage of chemical content in mangoes is smaller than poison ivy thus the effect is far less acute.
This tropical fruit allergy symptoms are close to the poison ivy symptoms and contact dermatitis. Several symptoms that may occurs are :

  • The surrounding mouth location is becoming red
  • There is several occurring hives and inflammation to the entire body focused in the contacted area.
  • leaky nose
  • High temperature and unwell condition.
  • Pressure in chest, abnormal accumulation and hard breath

Mango Allergy Treatment

Only several people who suffer allergic to peeled mangoes. Because the urshiol compound is occur intensively in the leaves and the mango skin, better for the patient to stay away from both matter.

The treatments for mangoes allergy could be got from anti histamines and over the counter medication. The patients are also allowed to use topical creams and ointments which have steroids in order to treat inflammation and hives.

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