NAET is such a treatment that founded by Devi S. Nambudripad Ph.D. in 1983. Dr. Nambudripad explained that allergies can be defined and treated with oriental treatment. This point of view examines allergies as resulting blockages in the human being immune system. NAET is operated with muscle testing before to examine an each person problems / allergies then deals the allergies through a companion of backbone arousal and traditional Chinese acupressure. While doing the medication the patient should hinder from disturbing materials for approximately 24 hours.

NAET is same with others naturopathic medicine techniques, it applies muscle testing to knows whether a patient’s perceiving to variants materials. The used Kinesiology was built in 1964 by an George J. Goodheart, Jr. an American chiropractor. The examination is done with the theory foundation which each or body part problem is mated with particular muscle weakness. Therefore by doing the muscle diagnose could scan mostly illness occurred in human body organism. When it is tested for allergies, the muscle being examined is the shoulder (deltoid muscle) which usually being the weakness location. The examination is done by the locating the allergen on the tongue for food allergen or by putting some allergens in a vial, near or held by the patient. The patient suggested to holds their arm being extended and asked to do effort of hold downward pressure given by the experts. When the patient is hard to stand up the pressure, then he/she is pointed responsive for allergen. The experts sometime hand a small bottle with an antidote used for allergen close to the patient. If the weakness is reversed, the antidote is said to be the right one.

There is a follow up act post treatment for 25 hours after the medication that the patient is suggested to avoid eating, touching, breathing or coming within 5 feet of the allergen which have been examined. Why does it take so long? Referring to Dr. Nambudripad, the 25 first hours is the time for the treatment to rebuild energy to be delivered to the 12 main body parts. When the 25 hours is finished, you able to return to be tested whether the medication is good or not.

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