What we call Nickel allergy is kind of incongruous stimulus of the body immune to the nickel material. This is one of the most happen allergic with the symptoms of burn feeling skin because of the touch with an allergen. This kind of allergy is not passed down genetically, though it is happened due to close and extended revealing of skin to nickel substance goods. Somebody could get irritated to nickel whatever the age.

In fact, the youth style of body piercing is stated to be the cause of rising nickel allergy.

The Symptoms caused of nickel allergy will raise in 12 to 48 hours post the contact wiht nickel and can stay there until several weeks. Experts say that jewellery dermatitis condition is signed by a red, itchy burn of the skin – is sometime be the early symptoms of allergy by nickel. After it could be followed by several raises such small liquid filled bubble that could dry caused the skin humid and sometimes makes it unpeel. Inflammations sometimes dry when the situation is standing still for a long moments. The result is flaky and cracked seems like a flamed.

Inflammation and swelling often start at the area of contact, but can happen everywhere on whole body part. Usually the attacks appear on hands, wrists, ear lobes and lower abdomen. The Nickel allergy is able to be moved from the fingertips to the eyelids, nose, ear lobes or other body parts.

Several treatments are expected to be used at home with over-the-counter oral antihistamines such as Benadryl that decrease the skin burnt due to the histamine release. You can also use Topical corticosteroid which contains hydrocortisone, several gels like calamine and wet compresses may be used to the skin to lightening itching and pimples. When you need prescription medication you can as doctors to give corticosteroid ointments, prednisone and oral antihistamines such as Allegra to soothe severe skin irritation.

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