You can now be informed regarding the global treatment for pollen allergy. The treatments are separated in three main factors which are avoidance of the allergen, medication to relieve symptoms, and immunotherapy or injection treatments. Even though the cure for pollen allergy has not been found, the purpose of these three cooperate methods is built to approach the free forever of allergy symptoms.

#1 Avoidance

Perfect avoids of pollen allergy is relocate to a location where the allergen plants are not exist and no pollen in air. However this method only effective temporary if the person who is sensitive to one specific allergen may often varied the allergies when it expose in many times. The patience can do other avoidance by stay indoors in the morning which the air pollens are at its peak. Other problems may occur when the days are sunny or windy. When the pollen allergic persons must work outdoor, one of the best solution is by using masker.

#2 Medication

Best medication which could be suggested by some doctors involves antihistamines, corticosteroids, and cromolyn sodium. Several antihistamines also available in drug stores without prescriptions.

Nasal Decongestants. Over-the-counter drugs restraining decongestants could be supported in reducing blocked nasal passages. The medications compress the blood vessels in nasal tissue, reducing the swelling and mucus output.

Corticosteroids. Even though strong in managing allergic problems, were not favorable for allergy such polled due to the long term use ends to severe sided effects. Corticosteroids work the pollen allergy symptoms by decreasing nasal swelling and restraining mucus output.

Cromolyn sodium. The number 3 impressive medication which is served by prescription as the nasal support called cromolyn sodium. This medication is different with two others drugs, cromolyn sodium able to restrain allergic symptoms by hindering the body cells from resulting histamine.

#3 Immunotherapy

When the two methods could not be the effective way out to relieve the symptoms, some doctors suggests immunotherapy which globally known as allergy shots. The goal of the medication is to improve the endurance to pollens which is the allergen. However Immunotherapy is not free of side effects. The unhappy news is that the medication is categorized as be expensive, and needs monthly uses before the best result is apparent.


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