Are you a person that has some allergy at seafood especially shrimp? Person who has a shrimp allergy, the body is preventing the protein that contain in the shrimp as it is a toxic. Most of the allergen of shrimp allergy is adults. The most common cause of allergy to shrimp is an allergic reaction to the high iodine that contain in a shrimp.

The symptoms of this allergy can be mild to severe. Some symptoms of shrimp allergy are wheezing, trouble breathing, swelling of lips, watery eyes, dizziness, diarrhea, and the most common is skin irritation such as itching. For people who are very sensitive to shrimp may suddenly vomit, drop in blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and even fainting.

There is no permanent treatment for allergies to shrimp except complete avoidance of the allergens. The first that must be done if we already chewed the shrimp is by vomit the shrimp. Then drink fresh water as much as possible. The easiest way to treat the shrimp allergy is by drinking the coconut water. The coconut water can neutralize the toxin that spread into the body of the allergen

One of the treatments of shrimp allergy is take allergy medicine after eating shrimp but remember that you must not rely on the drugs as prevention. If the allergy becomes very serious, seeing the doctor is the best alternative in treating the shrimp allergy.

Frankly speaking, the only way to prevent a reaction of shrimp allergy is to avoid the allergen all together. Don’t ever try to eat although it just a small piece, because if the person is very sensitive to the shrimp, it can caused death to the person. That’s all what I can say about shrimp allergy treatment.  Take care of your health and love yourself.

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