The Easiest Allergy Treatment at Your Home

Perhaps we don’t realize that there are so much dust mites around us that can trigger allergies. They are really tiny and they can be found anywhere; in bed, carpet, even in the air that we breathe. Sneezing or irritation is the simplest symptoms of getting allergies. Therefore, we should be careful of getting contact with our belongings and clean our house regularly. Cleaning our house regularly and thoroughly can be the best, simplest, and cheapest way of allergy treatment.

We spend almost one third of a whole day in bed to get some rest and sleep. Therefore, we cannot avoid getting contact with our bed. But, do you know that bed can be the most infected place by the dust mites? Washing the bed sheet regularly is the easy solution for allergy treatment. Bed sheet from cotton and synthetic materials are the most common used bed sheet materials. If you use cotton bed sheet, you can wash it with normal or warm water. On the other hand, if you use synthetic bed sheet at home, 130º F of water is the ideal temperature to exterminate the dust mites thoroughly. Try to avoid using the huge and massive materials because it can support the dust mite’s growth.

Another simple ways that you can try are keep you home cool around 68 – 72º F, maintain the low humidity by 40 or 50%, and use adequate ventilation. Now you can do the most effortless allergy treatment by yourself to keep your life healthy.