There are several kinds of sun allergies. This kind of treatments conditioned upon the type of the allergy, below are the several examples.

Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE)

the symptoms is formed of itchy or flaming skin, along with red plaques or could be small substances filled bubble, which able to discharge blood when break, directly sun exposed skin. The allergy occurs on shortly hours later sun-exposure and sometimes mated with cold or headache.

A gent symptom could be healed with a fresh cold compress or spraying your skin by using cold water in often times. The acute or severe problem is cared with drugs like an oral antihistamine, diphenhydramine or chlorpheniramine, or any anti-rash skin cream containing cortisone.

Actinic Prurigo

The type of allergy is a generated model of PMLE. The allergy starts early age when somebody was a child. The allergy gives symptoms alike as PMLE has, unfortunately the inflammation happens much on the face than other body parts. This type of sun allergy is medicated by such drugs involves corticosteroids, thalidomide, antimalarial drugs, beta-carotene and UV, relying on the level of the severity.

Photoallergic Eruption

When the skin is reacted to the sun due to the usage of some chemical substances such as sunscreen, fragrances, cosmetics or ointments and at several cases is prescribed drugs it can be categorized as Photoallergic Eruption. Mostly doctors will give prescribed medication such as corticosteroid cream, functioned to get and remove the allergen.

Solar Urticaria.

It is categorized as rare enough allergy. The allergy releases hives on the influenced area of the skin. It release symptoms in only minutes count after get the sun light, when the hives are raised separately, the hives will disappear in several hours. The allergy can be medicated depends on the level. For moderate type, oral antihistamine or an anti-itch skin cream, including cortisone is suggested. For severe problems, a joining of psoralen and ultraviolet light, antimalarial drugs or beta-carotene pills can be taken as the medication.


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