How to Get a Cat Allergy Treatment without a Drug?

Mostly, people who have cat allergy have the similar symptoms with the common allergy symptoms. They get sneezing, red and teary eyes, and runny nose. Further research indicates that the allergen from cat also can affect your lung, skin, throat and ears. Considering the complete areas of the spread of the allergen, it is important for anybody who takes care of cat to take an immediate cat allergy treatment.

Cat allergy treatment can be found in the form of immunization. This treatment is called immunotherapy. You don’t need to take some medical capsules or pills regularly. With periodic treatment from the doctor, you can be free from cat allergy. This treatment is by injecting the extracts of the cat allergen to your body. At the beginning of the immunization, you will take one or two shots every week for six months. Overtime, the portion of injection will be increased gradually to enhance the tolerance to the cause of the allergen. After you reach the intended dosage, the shot will be decreased to once a month for few years. It will be continued until you have no more allergic reactions to cat.

This cat allergy treatment is a great choice for cat owners. During the treatment, your body can create an immune system to prevent yourself from cat allergy. As a notice, this immunization is only for mild cases of cat allergy. For a more serious indication, you should contact your doctor for further option of medication.