Just like human, dogs can also have allergies. When you have a dog at home and observe that he always scratches and licks his body uncontrollably, you may be worried that he may get an allergy.  Therefore, you will need a dog allergy treatment. A dog who suffers from an allergy will possibly scratch and lick over and over until there will be sores on his body. If you are not aware of these sores, they can be very painful because of the accumulation of pus caused by infection. No treatment can cause a falling out hair on your dog.

The simplest dog allergy treatment that you can do at home by yourself is to wash your dog with cool water regularly with shampoo containing eucalyptus and aloe vera. It is useful to relieve the itching until the skin gets better. You have to feed your dog with food that contains a lot of vitamin, minerals and fatty acids to maintain his skin healthy.

For further medication, you can take your dog to a veterinarian and ask for antihistamines and steroids. If you have your dog infected, you can ask for antibiotics. it is important to control and consult your dog’s health condition during the medication process because hyper use of this treatment can result a negative effects like liver problems and degradation of immune system.

Another choice of dog allergy treatment that you can get is the immunotherapy. It sis good to keep the immune system of your dog by giving him shots regularly to prevent the increase of allergies