It must be very uncomfortable when you have a vacation or when you have an outbound event that disturbed by mosquito bite. Only female mosquito that bites, she needs a blood meal in order to produce eggs. She landed on parts of your skin then begins sucking your blood. It just takes a few minutes, but it left redness, bump and of course it makes you itch so much.

Do you have an allergy in mosquito bites?

When the mosquito land on your skin, she brings saliva that contain proteins and some other things that can provoke your immune system. Your skin begin to bumps, itch and red, that’s all are the symptoms of mosquito bite allergy. The mosquito saliva in your blood stream makes your skin feel so itchy.

So, how to treat the mosquito bite allergy?

The most important ways to treat your mosquito bite allergy is by not scratch the bitted skin. This action only will prolong the itching.

Lets starts with cleaning the area that being bite. Use warm water and soft towel to clean the area that being bite. After that, if you have an Aloe Vera Gel, you can rub it to your skin. The coolness can reduce the itchy and the redness in your skin. Aloe Vera gel can forms a protective layer to reduce the symptoms of mosquito bite allergy.

If you don’t have an Aloe Vera gel, you can change it by using baking soda which mixes with water. Do not make it into liquid, just make it become sticky paste then directly apply to the bitted skin. It is a good treatment on the mosquito bite allergy for them who have a sensitive skin because the ingredient won’t cause irritation.

Another treatment for mosquito bite allergy is simply take some ice cube and wrap it in a towel then put it on the bitted skin. You can also put a can of cool soda or a bottle of fresh water on the bitted skin. This treatment will ease the mosquito bites’ swelling quickly. This treatment will be very handy when you are doing outdoor activity and can’t find the first aid.